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Key Features

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Our Descriptions are completely unique!

No fluff, no mediocrity, we help level up your listings with SEO-optimised descriptions that actually work with the buyers.

We offer unmatched quality!

We ain’t bluffing around with our words. Our work speaks for itself and so does the quality (P.s: We also offer revisions if you’re not satisfied)

Magiscriptor is easy to use!

No rocket-science, no complicated steps!

All you need to do is provide the link to your listings and we'll take care of re-writing your listing descriptions. All plagiarism-free!

SEO Optimization ensured!

We curate descriptions with the top search engines in mind, including the platform you're selling on.

Thus offering a great way to get your listings on the first page and the top ranks.

One-liners are OKAY too!

We’re all inclusive. Be it a previously one sentence description or a phrase that just doesn’t hit the right spot for you as a reseller, we can make work with anything!

We turn your lines and sentences into descriptions that convert ($$)!

Turning Lurkers to Buyers

Lurkers are the real deal.

Use the witty, informative and unique descriptions by our AI writer under your products to compel these lurkers into hitting the ‘Buy now’ button.

Prices that suit ALL!

We love when our product description converts ($$) for you! But we also care about you.

Our prices go as low as $30!! Start out with the flexible offer that covers your desired number of listings and upgrade to more. Anytime you want!

What Is Magiscriptor?

Magiscriptor is a mobile app that uses A.I. technology to write the most diverse and SEO friendly product descriptions. These product descriptions can be used on MULTIPLE platforms such as Poshmark, Mercari, Depop, Etsy, Shopify, Ali-Express, Ebay, Grailed, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, Carousell, Curtsey, Kidizen and many many more, essentially ANY platform you can sell on.

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Take Your App to Next Level!

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Easy To Use

Magiscriptor is extremely EASY to use, in literally seconds, you can have an ENTICING brand new product description for your listing.

All it takes is 3 or 4 keywords to generate a 2 or 3 paragraph "near genius" description.

Here’s all we offer:

SEO-optimized descriptions

Magiscriptor will write 100% SEO Optimized descriptions.

Quit banging your head against the wall trying to figure out the best way to write a description for search.

We got you.

Keyword Frequency

Rank higher with the proper amount of keywords placed in the correct spots inside your descriptions!

Our AI writing app will do this for you!

You can stop guessing now.

High-Converting Descriptions

Magiscriptor writes compelling descriptions that are designed to drive conversions and boost sales.

The descriptions are written to highlight the key features and benefits of your products, making them more attractive to potential customers!



The pack that attracts your clients to the product at first sight.

1 Credit = 1 Description



Choose the basic pack and get 100 credits sorted with compelling descriptions without paying too much. Perfect for new resellers!




The deal for the ones who compete! Add value to 220 credits on your platform and secure your place amongst the other successful resellers.




The deal for the ones who compete! Add value to 330 credits on your platform and secure your place amongst the other successful resellers.




Ideal for the ones who’ve been there for a long time! Got a huge product collection and number of credits? Free yourself from the tedious task of writing the ‘perfect’ descriptions for each of them with this pack.

magiscriptor got your writing work

Your Descriptions Are Our Responsibility

Magiscriptor, focuses on writing the best, most suitable descriptions for each of your product listings.

The goal of our dedicated AI writer is to bring forth content that works AND stays EVERGREEN.

We can turn words and phrases into sentences and exclusive descriptions that compliment your listing in the best way possible.

What Our Customers Are Saying?

“They say seeing is believing. I was skeptical when I learned of what Magiscriptor could do. I decided to try it thinking "what have I got to lose?" I'm so glad that I did. Magiscriptor saves me so much time and the hassle of writing a good description. I've been able to sell items I've had sitting for months. I don't know if I could ever go back to writing my descriptions on my own now that I've used Magiscriptor. Especially now that they're so much better. I can now say I'm a believer.”


Frequently Asked Questions

It is an Artificial intelligence content writing software tool that will help generate contents that can be used for writing posts, blogs, articles etc.

Magiscriptor can definitely help leverage your product description several notches higher as it ensures your content creates an engagement with the audience with a unique description

The best part of using Magiscriptor is that it works on most platforms such as Poshmark, Mercan Depop, eBay, Grailed, Amazon, Facebook, Marketplace, Carousell, Curtsey, Kidzen and others that allow you to sell your product

Getting Magiscriptor to write your product description will give it added value because the descriptions are SEO-optimized, keyword relevant with innovative product titles

Magiscriptor has affordable 4 pricing plans that begin from a $4.99 starter pack to a Gold pack worth $19.99 with various pack options that help cater to your every product

while writing, you may run short of ideas; however, with Magiscriptor to the rescue, you will not have to face this problem anymore. You can present keywords or brief description that enables the Magiscriptor to generate content

When looking for consistent and coherent writing that is efficient in generating content per your requirements. Magiscriptor is the answer to your writing woes. It could get your work monthly load down to just a few hours.

Magiscriptor is an AI tool that researches thousands of websites before generating text, which is not manually possible. Hence the content generated is more effective than the content writer’s version of the same

SEOs, content producers, PPC managers. Chatbots, email marketers etc., can definitely make use of Magiscriptor and gain in terms of audience and sales conversion.

The title needs to be separated with commas for the Magiscriptor to understand better and give the desired input.

It can be better explained with an example of a shirt.

If you write – a white shirt, medium, or polyester, it allows Magiscriptor to understand easily and process the required content.

Tones may seem challenging, but when used in a description can be a simple affair. Tone prompts are a great way to enable the Magiscriptor to provide the right description for the product, in this case, clothing.

Simple tones, such as adjectives/ features, help the description better. These prompts will then enable the Magistcirptor to work on the features as you propose them, fashionable, versatile, sustainable etc. The shirt is described with a few highlights on each of the features, such as how trending this design is in the fashionable prompt and the nature of the usage of the shirt in the versatile prompt. The how all weather shirt is the sustainable part all makes up for the best fodder for the Magiscriptor to work on finer content that is produced for you.

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